“Damage Control”

The ex-boyfriend didn’t pick up his phone
When the girl called him for a ride
In the middle of the night.

After she told him what had happened,
He said he didn’t like being manipulated
And lied to.
And that she had falsely implied
That something serious had happened.

“You were kissing that guy earlier in the night,”
And it sounds like
“You gave him every indication that you were interested,”
“I know how you are when you’re drunk.”

But it was serious.

Somehow she would be the one to apologize
For making a fuss about it.

To that friend of a friend who loomed over her
In the dark
After everyone else had gone to bed
And slid down her pants
With skin like sandpaper.

And somehow she ended up comforting her rapist:
“Nothing will happen. I am not mad.
It was nice to meet you.”

– P.B.


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