Recently Watched on Netflix

Going through my Netflix history, you can see a timeline of my past relationships. There’s where my high school boyfriend and I binge watched Skins the summer before we left for college. Then we watched Blue Mountain State with his roommate, who had left his girlfriend back in Missouri and asked me, “When girls say they’re going to kill themselves, they’re not serious, are they?”

Here’s where I cried and laid in the bathtub watching The Office when I came home for Thanksgiving break and he refused to see me. I thought the world was over. That’s the movie we watched the night we got back together, when he kissed me on the eyes and we ate McDonald’s on my dorm room floor. On May 1st, we watched Adventureland, even though we didn’t love each other.

A few days later, I cut him off and he disappeared. Three years were tidily wrapped up with a bow and left in a Dairy Queen parking lot. I finished The Office and moved on to Parks and Rec. The only evidence of our separation is The Artist, which I watched with a friend who came over to cheer me up. We made up new lines for the characters.

By the end of May, the first boy was replaced by a smarter, more extraordinary one, and we started watching Arrested Development. I was still watching Skins, alone on the side. On June 18th, we tried to watch Trainspotting, but we both fell asleep, intertwined. I had to wake up and drive home at three in the morning. I smiled to myself in the dark because I knew I was caught up in something greater than myself.

Here is the week my parents went on vacation. We built a boat out of my family’s living room couches and watched Hot Rod and the Sissy Spacek version of Carrie. Right here you can see where I gave my password to this boyfriend and he clogged my feed up with Star Trek. All summer, we saw each other about once a week. This was enough time for me to know that I was in love with him. I told him before we went back to school. He didn’t say it back, but I didn’t mind because I just wanted him to know.

When fall came, we went back to sharing a campus and a workplace. He said it was too much, and left me for a while. I felt depressed, so I watched Prozac Nation. I dropped Arrested Development mid-season, because it would remind me of him.

At the end of October, he came back and we were in love, so we went out to eat a lot and watched a few more episodes. Star Trek came back, too. On November 16th, we wanted to watch The Blair Witch Project, but after we opened it up, we got drunk and forgot about it. It’s still in my history, even though we never watched it.

I was happy, but he changed his mind again. So, in December, I finished watching Arrested Development by myself.


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