Reason #400 Why I’m Glad I Didn’t Acknowledge My Ex at Bdubs

Over Christmas break, I ran into my high school boyfriend for the first time since we broke up. Actually, the last time I saw him we were still dating.

I had just finished telling my friend that I hoped we didn’t run into anyone we knew, and as we turned the corner, there he was, sitting with four of my ex-friends. It is now necessary to acknowledge the fact that, regardless of the logistics of a situation, I will choose flight over fight nine times out of ten.

So I did what any self-confident, mentally stable person would do and looked one of my best friends from high school straight in the eye without saying “hello,” consciously gave myself tunnel vision, made a b-line to the back of the restaurant, and sat with my back to their table.

Would it have killed me to say hi? No. Am I still emotionally involved? No. Did it make sense to retreat into the darkness of the poorly-lit bar and cackle like an evil witch? Probably not…although sometimes this is the best way to handle things.

However, I’m glad I didn’t stop to chat, because I was wearing the Mickey Mouse earrings that he bought me from Disney World like three years ago. In my defense, I was wearing them because my family was about to take a trip to Disney, but – to an outsider – this could have justifiably been interpreted as a desperate cry for a return to the past (which it wasn’t). I almost made myself look like the neediest has-been that ever was.

So, thank God for cowardice!


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