The Soup Explosion of 2015

Well, I’ve done it. I’ve secured my first injury for 2015.

It happened yesterday at work, but luckily there was only one witness. I was microwaving soup in a cute little ceramic bowl that I had been so excited to buy, but apparently the “microwaveable bowl” label does not include the plastic lid that came with it.

I’m not completely stupid, though, so I had rested the lid on top of the bowl leaving a crack for air to escape from, instead of sealing it completely. Apparently the soup gods want more from me, though, because when I took the soup out of the microwave I was greeted with an explosion of boiling chowder and solidified inferno in the form of potatoes. This splattered all over my hand, resulting in a loud expletive and an immediate blister.

“Run it under warm water so that it can absorb the heat,” said one of my coworkers. That seemed 100% counter-intuitive, so I settled for some day-old room temperature water from the inside of the water heater in the break room.

After an hour of sitting with my hand in a bowl of water, I finally broke down and went to the on-campus health center. The blister that was forming on top of the original blister seemed like a red flag.

Turns out I have second degree burns on my palm/wrist and first degree burns higher up, but luckily the burns temporarily damaged my nerves so I’m not in much pain. I got some cream and I have to keep my hand mummified in gauze for a few weeks. Luckily, it’s my left hand. I do get to shower one-handed, so I guess that’s something to look forward to.


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