Reasons I Love My Friends

I know that I’m not always the easiest person to be friends with, so it means a lot when people stick around. Recently, when things have looked bad, I’ve been thinking about how lucky I am to have so many supportive people surrounding me – especially those who don’t have to love me, but choose to anyway.

My friends (the ones from my hometown AND the ones from college) really are the ones who get me through the day. They turn on my light and drag me out of bed on the mornings that I just want to feel sorry for myself. They stop me from doing things like wearing my bathrobe to the cafeteria. They text me late at night to make lunch plans for the next day, and give me little things to look forward to. They pull double movies days with me. They brave the cold and walk outside with me, and let me take up too much space at the table.

They scoop my ice cream for me so I don’t bang my head on the freezer door again. They let me exist in their space when I just don’t want to be alone. They listen to me when I’m tired of listening to myself. They tell me I’m not making a fool out of myself, even when we count up the number of times I tried calling that boy and silently acknowledge that, yes, I have acted crazy, but it doesn’t need to be verbalized. They never make me feel like a burden.

They get excited for me when I start feeling high again, and don’t mention that there is probably another low coming down the road.



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