How China is Making Us Fat

Chinese food meme

When my friends and I order Chinese food to be delivered to our dorm, I always buy enough to feed a small nation and then snack on it throughout the week to offset the nutritional deficiencies caused by our university cafeteria. It usually escalates to the point where the restaurant gives us silverware and fortune cookies for 5-7 people when 3 of us are eating.

This week, for the first time ever, I have found myself trapped in an evil Chinese riddle with no end in sight. I ordered so much Chinese food on Sunday that I can’t keep up with it and the clock is ticking as the leftovers start to go bad. I usually come home hungry from work, but I’ve eaten so many $1.25 mini pies from the food court that my body isn’t craving its usual nighttime fridge-ravaging.

I’ve been picking at my lo mein for a few days, but I’ve still got a pint and a half of rice, egg drop soup, an eggroll, and a full stomach. I need to consume it tonight because four-day old leftovers are never something to have confidence in. Life just isn’t fair. God help me.


One thought on “How China is Making Us Fat

  1. I wish you the best of luck with your endeavors. M-maybe…you could write out a plan?
    Also, don’t blame China. American Chinese food is most definitely not legitimate Chinese food haha.

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