If You’re Going My Way…

Being jealous feels worse than the time I had “Life is a Highway” stuck in my head for a month.


“Candle on the Water”

Did anyone else forget about this gem, sung by Helen Reddy in Pete’s Dragon? Makes me think about The Great Gatsby, too.

I went to a wedding yesterday, and it got me thinking a lot about my relationship and how we’re handling this long-distance business. I thought I was doing really well, but there will always be moments when I feel powerless. I guess tonight is one of those nights. I just have to keep reminding myself that I would probably feel that way sometimes, even if he wasn’t across the ocean living in a parallel dimension that exists six hours into the future (that’s how time zones work, right?). I really do believe that everything will be okay in the long run, but there is a lot of time standing between now and then. I just have to stay focused on that candle (or green light) in the distance!

Also, I threw away my ex-boyfriend’s bathing suit. Didn’t even ask if he wanted it back.

Sad Songs for When Your Foreign-Exchange-Student Boyfriend Goes Back to France

I dropped my boyfriend off at the airport last night and we officially began the trans-Atlantic portion of our relationship. I’m sad that he’s gone, but feel more confident in this relationship than I have felt in any of my previous ones. I can’t wait to go visit him in August, but for now I will let myself enjoy some mopey music.

1. “Night” by Bill Callahan

2. “Ain’t No Sunshine” by Bill Withers

3. “All I Know” by Art Garfunkel

4. “Here Without You” by 3 Doors Down

5. “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri 

5 Covers that Give the Originals a Run for their Money

Just some covers that I have been inexplicably obsessed with lately.

1. “You’re the One that I Want” by Lo-Fang 

2. “Toxic” by Yael Naim

3. “Every Little Thing She Does is Magic” by Sleeping at Last

4. “Like a Virgin” by Caught a Ghost

5. “Skinny Love” by Birdy

5 Songs to Validate Your Own Insanity

Even sorrow can taste sweet sometimes. Some of my strongest, most passionate emotions happen to manifest negatively, but – when I’m lucky – I can see this intensity as vibrancy.

If I catch myself in the right moment, I can properly acknowledge my emotions and admit that it can feel good to go a little mad. There is something beautiful to be found in a person who is erratic and unpredictable. In these moments I feel empowered – like I’m just manic enough to face the day.

Just thought I would share a few songs (listed in no particular order) that help validate my own feelings of insanity. These songs are best enjoyed when driving fast at night or aggressively parading into work.


1. “Some Nights (Intro)” by Fun.

2. “Madness” by Muse

3. “Broadripple is Burning” by Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s

4. “Sail” by AWOLNATION

5. “Beware the Dog” by The Griswolds